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Inner Balance New Generation

Inner Balance New Generation

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▪ SACHETS FOR THE DAY: The product was enriched with Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps to keep the balance in the nervous system. As a result, you feel less "emotional" hunger by reducing the compensation needs associated with peaks of stress or anxiety. Dosages of other components were also adjusted, such as centifolia rose extract and nettle extract, which promote greater product tolerability and effective results.

▪ EVENING SACHETS: The old capsules were replaced by sachets to dissolve in water. This concept improves the absorption and use of the product ingredients. We adjust ingredients such as magnesium, which is important for promoting quality sleep. Associated with jasmine, a plant known for its calming properties. A quality sleep is essential when the goal is to balance your metabolism.

▪ New image

▪ More compact packaging

▪ Product in individual sachets, which makes it more practical 90 SACHETS

Total weight : 590.0 [g]